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He plays ambient, electric sounds. His method makes the sounds he created into numeric to generate visuals by FFT analysis.
The programs created by this method don’t project author’s intended visuals but accidental phenomenon.
Treating sounds as information or media and make it into visuals is his sound & visual live concept. Therefore every time he plays different sounds, the program results different visuals. Audience will experience irreproducible performance.

Technical Rider (PDF)
Download Photos and Screenshots (72MB)


Atsunori Kihara a.k.a atnr is audio visual artist in Tokyo, Japan.

He was born in Hiroshima, Japan. He established post-techno music label “Denryoku Label” (Denryoku means electric power in Japanese) and formed live-techno band “Hiroshima Denryoku” in 2000. Since 2004 he started his carrier in Tokyo. In 2007 he released a CD album “agenda” from “Denryoku Label”. The song “Reach” which is included in the album got first rank in CRJ Sapporo Chart. In 2008, he took part in Live Performers Meeting at Rome. In 2010, he released iPhone/iPad musical instrument application “Hex OSC” and connection software ”OSCtoMIDI” from app developer unit SkyLight. In 2011 he provided a track “green breeze” to Mizukage Records Compilation vol.06. In 2012 he remixed a track by Nyolfen “Lunar Eclipse”. In 2015 he performed in “Lost in karaoke” presented by Red Bull Music Academy as an experimental DJ unit Absolutely Amateur. And also he participated in Audio Visual festival “kaleidosoup” at Saigon. In video production field, he created a music video of koeosaeme’s “mono”. In 2016 he released the latest album “Discharge Notification” with graphic piece that is also created on his own. And he played in experimental electric music event “Ordinary 2016” at Bangkok, “LPM 2016” at Amsterdam and joined “WSK2016” at Manila. He takes part in the other projects as a keyboard player, modular synthesizer player, arranger, sound designer and so on.


Reality in the 21st century 2017
GLITCH DREAMS [Layer 1] 2017
Atomic Bomb Compilation vol.5 2017
Discharge Notification 2016
3rd PLACE 2015
Mizukage Records Compilation vol.06 2011
Transfer EP 2009
Patching Variations 2008
Kirai EP 2008
Comfort EP 2008
agenda 2007

atnr – Bandcamp


Music & Movie : atnr

atnr – Sense of life Music Video

Music & Movie : atnr

koeosaeme – mono Music Video

Music : koeosaeme
Movie : atnr

atnr – Late Music Video

Music & Movie : atnr


ROPPONGI ART NIGHT 2017 (Tokyo – Japan)
Motiva 31.0 (Chiang Mai – Thailand)
VMR Live5 (Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam)
WSK 2016 (Manila – Philippines)
Live Performers Meeting 2016 (Amsterdam – Netherlands)
Untitled Event (Rome – Italy)
Ordinary 2016 (Bangkok – Thailand)
kaleidosoup (Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam)
Red Bull Music Academy presents Lost in Karaoke (Tokyo – JAPAN)
crypto Release Party (Tokyo – JAPAN)
-3rd PLACE vol.1-3 (Tokyo – JAPAN)
2mo’key「Pieces Of The World」Release Party (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Jun-Row or DIE! (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Bunkai-kei ochakai (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Freaker.3rd (Tokyo – JAPAN)
mute (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Genkansaki vol.4 (Tokyo – JAPAN)
House (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Oba Masahiro “Still Life” Release Party (Tokyo – JAPAN)
No-title (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Re: (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Minimal! (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Hex series introduction (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Denryoku Label Special Showcase (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Akihabara Denryoku Festival (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Denryoku Label Showcase Vol.1-8 (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Denshi Tenshin vol.15 (Saitama – JAPAN)
perspective vol.1-9 (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Live Peformers Meeting 2008 (Rome – Italy)
Laptop Battle Tokyo vol.2 (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Oraps2007 day2 (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Laptop Battle Tokyo (Tokyo – JAPAN)
bad electrical contact night (Tokyo – JAPAN)
atnr”agenda”Release Party (Tokyo – JAPAN)
re:wire (Tokyo – JAPAN)
House Link (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Lazor Family (Tokyo – JAPAN)
Hardcore Live -infinity possibility- (Hiroshima – JAPAN)


MUSICA June, 2007


College Radio Japan 7, June 2007 FM North Wave
Namaon 9, June 2007 STV/NTV